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 In planning or improving the domestic garden, trees, groundcovers and shrubs must be chosen to  complement the house and environment.
 Trees are the backbone of any garden, forming the frame of the space.  They provide shade, movement  from the leaves and a home and refuge for the many garden birds which delight us.
 Trees are the gardens most permanent feature, some taking many years to mature and providing the  gardener with the interest of watching them grow.  It is therefore important that careful thought be given  to the placement and type of ornamental tree chosen for a particular garden. The size of the garden is  the most important consideration, as many trees are too large, spreading or have an extensive root  system, making them unsuitable for small urban gardens.  Some are invasive or simply messy from  leaf-fall.  The altitude and climate must also be considered.  Many trees grow well in some parts of  Zimbabwe but find it too hot and dry in others. Some cannot withstand frost or the summer heat.
 Ornamental trees can be used not only as garden background but also as windbreaks, screens or to  provide shade.  In the latter case, evergreen trees with a spreading shape, such as Trichilia (Natal  Mahogany) should be chosen.
 Many trees are spectacular when in bloom and may be used, along with those of interesting shape, for  garden accents. With considered planting, larger gardens can boast blooms all year round. Also to be  considered are the many ornamental trees with coloured foliage, such as Acacia podalyriifolia (grey  leaves), Prunus blireiana (red to purple leaves) or some of the variegated trees.  Other deciduous trees  made a spectacular show, just before their leaves drop, for example the Acers and Liquidambar.
 Beneath the trees, shrubs and groundcovers are planted.  Groundcovers, such as grasses and  ground-hugging plants, will anchor the soil and prevent soil erosion.  Lawn grasses such as Kikuyu or  Durban will need to be mowed frequently during the rainy season and watered during the dry. Easier to  maintain are the low, spreading plants such as Ajuga and Arctotis and these also give colour interest.  Groundcovers are also useful for underplanting shrubs.
 In Zimbabwe, we have a huge selection of garden shrubs to chose from. These can be used for accent  plants, to form screens or as backgrounds to mixed beds. As with trees, shrubs come in many shapes  and sizes; some drop their leaves and some are evergreen; some have wonderfully scented blooms;  some are frost-tender; some like drought.  Our staff will be pleased to advise and help you select the  most suitable plants for your specific garden needs.​

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